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Is there a charter that will serve our high school next year? Yes!

The Valley International Preparatory High School (VIPHS) charter has been approved and the school will begin operation in the Fall of 2018 and serve grades nine through twelve.

Will the VIP charter have a facility? Yes!

VIPHS will have its own entrance and dedicated classrooms, offices, and green space at CHATSWORTH HIGH SCHOOL, as well as the ability to timeshare other facilities, like the theater, gym, and playing fields. We are also looking for our own private site, but we are guaranteed these accommodations at Chatsworth. We will have buses to help transport students from the east/central San Fernando Valley to Chatsworth.<br />

Will there be more meetings? Yes!

We are holding informational meetings for parents in LAKE BALBOA every Monday of June (and potentially more, depending on interest). Please join our mailing list (the form is at the bottom of the page) for the precise location.

Can I read the VIP charter? Yes!

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How can I help?

If you know anyone who might be interested in VIP, please ask them to email us at info@viphs.org so we can add them to our email list.

How do I enroll in VIP?

Fill out an intent to enroll form ASAP!

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