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Baxter, Usha ubaxter@viphs.org Operations Manager / Dean
Cardenas, Lorena lcardenas@viphs.org English Teacher
Cochran, Anne acochran@viphs.org Executive Director
Cochran, Chuck ccochran@viphs.org Music Teacher
Cox, Elly ecox@viphs.org Ed Specialist
Cross, Lilian lcross@viphs.org Director of Special Education
Cruz-Medina, Radames rcruzmedina@viphs.org Spanish Teacher
Foldi, Steven sfoldi@viphs.org Science Teacher
Guzman, Addy aguzman@viphs.org Registrar

Hall, David

dhall@viphs.org English Teacher
Hanson, David dhanson@viphs.org Social Studies Teacher
Horne, Michael mhorne@viphs.org Principal
Hunt, Jackson jhunt@viphs.org English Teacher
Kim, Ariel akim@viphs.org Math Teacher
Lampert, Iain ilampert@viphs.org Communications Teacher
Lozano, Myrna mlozano@viphs.org Social Studies Teacher
McNish, Don dmcnish@viphs.org Science Teacher
Monroy, Mayra mmonroy@viphs.org Attendance Officer
Moore, Robert rmoore@viphs.org Finance Manager
Patterson, Jessica jpatterson@viphs.org Theatre Teacher

Ranier, Talia


Art Teacher
Reano, Francisco freano@viphs.org Education Specialist
Riley, Stephanie sriley@viphs.org Academic Counselor
Shin, Michelle mshin@viphs.org Math Teacher
Suter, Chris csuter@viphs.org Social Studies Teacher
Vasquez, Magaly mvasquez@viphs.org Receptionist
Wilbert, Kathryn kwilbert@viphs.org Assistant Principal / Math Teacher

College. Culture. Communication.

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